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Goodbye Greg. . .

I was and still am crazy for King Crimson and Emerson Lake & Palmer, I can’t imagine what EL&P would have sounded like had the negotiations gone through and Jimi Hendrix hadn’t died. But, water under an old bridge. Today we say goodbye to a master. . . actually two John Glenn passed away just recently and as much as his actions affected out lives and his unbridled bravery helped move the space program forward, he will be missed. But at least for me, not as much as Greg Lake who proved you didn’t need a dedicated guitar player (but what would they have sounded like with Jimi?!) to form a successful and incredibly popular band. He, along with a few others such as John Entwistle also proved to the musical masses that the bass wasn’t relegated to keeping time in the background, barely heard with the rare momentary solo. They made the bass PART of the band, and integral, important, significant part of the music and for me, it changed my life. After my first listen to ‘Brain Salad Surgery’ my mind was blown. Nothing could sound that powerful and complex. The intertwining and mixing of the sounds. I’ll admit it gave a chemically altered brain pathways to follow and explore. The ability to listen to each instrument, including my favorite, the bass. Greg Lake helped change music forever. Emerson, Lake & Palmer left a footprint no one’s been able t fill, though many have tried.
Greg, you will be greatly missed. Your music is still something I look forward to and always turn the volume up when it comes on. Goodbye brother. If there’s is a Heaven you’ve joined one hell of a house band. You will not be forgotten. . .
Young Greg Lake
Greg Lake on Stage
Greg Lake with a Dual Neck Bass & Guitar

Hawk (Saddened beyond belief)

Long Exposure Shots Tonight

Rocket launch tonight, sitting there all set up and ready to go, camera focused just shy of infinity, aimed right the trees light up as the launch began and. . . the auto-shut-off kicked in and I had to jump, grab the power switch and flick it on and off. Luckily the camera fires up quick but I still got a late start on the 30 second exposure.

A plane circling the area, I guess to stay out of the launch zone, turned and headed almost directly at me. You can also see another plane WAY off in the distance just above the power lines. Plus there’s a ton of stars in this one and you can see the end of the rocket’s smoke trail on the left.

Hawk (shutterbugging again? I think I am!)

Winter Weather

While many of my poor northern friends have already seen snow this year this is Florida’s dry season which is why downpours are extremely rare. I jot dripped on going out to get the mail but as I was curling back up in be to read (hey, what else do you do when the heavens open up, huh?) it really started coming down. Even better and rarer there have been some blasts of thunder so loud it felt like the house was moving. It’s still rumbling off in the distance as I write this. But a thunderstorm in December? Not that’s rare. And I’ve got hours until I have to cook supper so I can curl up with a good, spooky, book and drown out the sound of my mother watching TV 30′ away. Look for the review soon’ish.
Happy Thundersday! Hail Thor!

Hawk (ready, set. . . read)

Book Reviews, Anyone?

I honestly don’t know who if anyone is following the blog. There’s been no comments but then I gave a weeks notice that I was taking some time off from Facebook and I got one smartass public comment, not one actual request for my email address and two people, one of which who’s sent an email. I guess I’m not as popular as I was. So maybe posting some book reviews might generate some traffic or comments.

I just finished ‘The Boy Who Drew Monsters‘ by Keith Donohue and my review. . .
‘I’m still confused. It’s a horror story but it’s not. It’s a ghost story but it’s not. JP’s parents can’t decide if he’s getting better or worse. His mother’s realized some but oh so far from the real truth while his father lives in a complete delusion where he believes it’s just going to take a good talking to and maybe a shake or two and his boy will be just fine.
We come across a housekeeper at a local church who says that she can help the boy. I almost wish the author had let that story line play out. It would have changed things, extended the drama. Perhaps even brought the disbelievers, the priest and the father (who seemed to begin to understand something right at the end) deeper into the story. It felt a little rushed but also dragged in places. A better editing would help. I must say, even though there were a few breadcrumbs of hints the twist at the very end caught me pretty much by surprise. I also liked that it ended right there. Leave us guessing, let us wonder. And whatever you do NO sequels! Let the story stand on it’s own. It shouldn’t, it doesn’t need to, continue. It’s over. Let it rest.’

Since I’m in a spooky book mood my next read is going to be ‘Haunt Book One – Dead Scared’

Hawk (Spooky books for Christmas? Why the hell not?)

Grissom Pictures

Okay, it’s been a LONG time since I did an image post on the blog there’s no descriptions. The pictures mostly speak for themselves. One I’m quite happy with was finally catching an otter having himself a sand bath in the middle of the road. I got as close as I could without scaring him off. First otter picture, now all I’m waiting for is a bald eagle in the wild. It was great to get out of the house and spend Black Friday with the camera and the critters. Hurt getting home but I was able to do it. Yay!

Hawk (Thirteen shots shared out of three hundred taken. Not bad.)

Finally Able Again!

Black Friday spent at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands once again. Black Point drive is over a hundred miles round trip and as much as I love heading up there it’s still too far. Even going to Grissom is forty-five miles not counting the driving around the facility. The last mile or two on the way home had me pounding the steering wheel in serious pain wishing I was home. Just a little longer is what I kept telling myself and it worked. Really did enjoy getting out and boycotting (except for the burger at McDonald’s, I was hungry!) the commercialization of Black Friday.
I shot something like three hundred and fifty images and kept thirty-three. Of those there’s probably a dozen that I’ll be editing and sharing with everyone. It just takes me a bit longer these days so bear with me. I’ll get them done as soon as possible.

Hawk (Shooting pictures again!)

Black Crapsday Plans

It’s been a while and I don’t know how long I can handle it but once again I plan on spending Black Friday out taking pictures in protest of the rampant commercialization that goes on. I may allow myself to buy a snack or even a light lunch but I will buy nothing else. I don’t know how long the pain will let me stay out but I’m charging all my cameras and batteries, dunno what I’m taking with me but rain or shine I’ll be ready. Hope I can spend at least a couple hours communing with nature. No way I can make Black Point, 50+ miles is just too much on me but I’m hoping that I can at least make it to the Grissom Wetlands.

Hawk (Getting geared up and hopeful.)


Broke out the blanket for the first time this year. It’s 47 out and the heat has been on a couple of times but the nerve damage makes my hands and feet feel like they’re in buckets of ice so I grabbed my blanket. Guaranteed I’ll wake up sweating but to be honest. I drove around in a car where only the driver’s side window was down, stuck down at that (rain storms sucked) the passenger side was locked up and the company I’d paid $1,400 to have the A/C work six months had folded and left me screwed. So heat? Heat I can deal with as long as I’m out of the direct sun. Cold hurts. It’s one of the many reasons I hate hospitals, they’re always freezing. So, November 21st first day of heat (maybe it was on last night, not sure.) and I dragged my blanket across the bed. . . I’m also up at 2:30am. Yay me. Guess I’ll go read. Laters.

Hawk I need flannel sheets.

Goodbye Facebook?

Well it’s been a few hours. I tried disabling my account on one device and another logged right in. Kinda sad that in a week not one person asked for the email address I’ll be using. So be it. I thought I meant more than I did. My book reviews from Goodreads will still post there. I’m taking a break, dunno how long. People, some, not all were acting badly. Before I left I changed my personal images and someone asked if I was leaving. Seriously? A week ago I post that I’m leaving and if you want to keep in touch just ask. Then today I make a goodbye post and someone asks if I’m leaving? Maybe I’m feeling sorry for myself but really? Why did I even try?

Goodbye Facebook (maybe you’ll see it here)

Hawk Hobbling off into the sunset.


I’m laying here in bed gradually feeling my bladder reach the point of no return. And it’s felt like hours have gone by. I’ve dozed on and off but no real sleep that’s been a distant and long over due visitor. Chemicals, no chemicals sleep avoids you like that guy who borrowed a buck for a beer at the bar the other night and keeps ducking you.
And time, what the hell is up with time? Your favorite TV show, boom, the hour’s gone. Dreading a Doctor’s visits and pow you gotta leave or you’ll be late. Got nothing going on and seconds stretch into hours. I just woke, sorta, and asked my Echo what time it was expecting three, four in the morning. Time to take my morning meds, have breakfast then try and sleep again for a few hours and it’s just one thirty in the morning. I didn’t sleep a wink. Time hates me. But at least my bladder is full. Hooray.

Hawk (prince of Pissulvania. . .)