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Hey there,

Welcome to my Blog. I’m Hawk, your host. I live in ‘sunny’ Palm Bay Florida. I’m in my 40’s. Male (last time I checked), single, long-haired hippy, tattooed, see my site for pics of my tats, and if you look hard enough one of me…

I have no idea what you want to know… I’m disabled, physically (though some might claim mentally as well). I read, voraciously, mostly science fiction, fantasy & horror though I’m not opposed to the occasional biography or Tom Clancy type war novel. My favorite novel is ‘Boy’s Life’ by Robert McCammon. My favorite series is Glen Cook’s ‘Black Company’ saga.

I smoke too much {Update: I no longer smoke! YAY!}, I rarely drink (there’s a bottle from Christmas two years ago still in the freezer), I’m overweight as are many of my American brethren. My eyes are bad. I suffer from chronic pain which ranges on a daily basis from merely annoying to pure agony. I’m an insomniac and one of the few true nocturnal humans.

I’m not too fond of Florida, it’s too damn hot most of the year and the weather is far too fucking unpredictable and deadly compared to what we had back in New England. I’m down here because eleven or twelve years ago I had to come down to help my mom take care of my dad who’d had a stroke. Subsequently my health deteriorated rapidly to the state I’m in now.

I’ve been to college. A year of ‘tech’ schooling in Network Administration. In keeping with my typical luck the bottom fell out of the IT bucket a month or so before I finished classes. I’ve been arrested, once. If you ask nicely I might even tell you about it.

I enjoy photography (digital), when I can get out and about. I’m fairly handy with Photoshop, you can view the results on my site (linked above). Cats are cooler than dogs (sorry, John). Imported beer is better than American. Marlboro is superior to Winston. NASCAR is for simps who can’t get the hang of turing right occasionally. Organized religion is a joke. There may be a god but he’s not listening. Kodak makes a damn good digital camera. Drag racing is awesome. Baseball beats football hands down. The Atlanta Braves suck but they’re the team I watch. Rodeos are nothing more than organized animal cruelty. News flash for PETA people, we’re omnivorous, get over it. Pizza is clearly a gift from the gods (if they exist). Paradise Pizza in Stratford Connecticut makes the best pizza in the world. Hurricanes suck. Alton Brown is the coolest person on the Food Network. I have a black thumb. Want your plant dead? Send it to me.

I guess that’s it for now….


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