Having Money is apparently a crime…

What the fuck? I just read a story in today’s paper (Florida Today) in which when a teacher noticed a student with a large wad of cash he or she called the school resource officer. What? Having money is a crime? Jealous much? I realize teachers don’t make a lot but what the fuck’s the justification for calling the school cop? Possession of cash is evidence of a crime? How the hell do you rationalize this stupidity?!

Granted the money turned out to be counterfeit so the 15 year old was guilty of something but seriously, how is this going to go down in court? “I saw money, children shouldn’t have more money than me so I called the school cop on him!”

I don’t know if the resource officer (read: failed beat cop) took the money from the student forcefully or simply asked for it but I know if some rent-a-real-cop came up to me and asked me if I had a lot of money on me my answer would have, even at that age, been a resounding “None of your fucking business!”

I’m glad we live in a country where simply having more money than some other stooge is justification for them turning you over to the authorities and justification for the authorities to seize your property. God BLESS America! Hide your wallets!



  1. John

    Having cash has been a crime for a long time. Try getting more than $10k from a bank in cash, or take it through an airport.

    Makes me wanna be a criminal.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Makes me wish I could afford to be that type of criminal 🙂

    Our Govt. is going (has been gone) insane. BTW, the amount the kid had? Under $2,000!

    Glad you’re reading the blog, hope others are!


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