Where’s the new?

I think one of the problems that’s plaguing America and for that matter the world is the lack of marvels. The sheer joy of seeing something we’ve never before seen. We’ve become jaded. We get bored with allegedly ‘new’ things faster than they appear because they’re not new. Just the same old crap in a new wrapper.

Think about it… at one point in time:
Electricity wasn’t even a theory.
No one had ever heard a radio broadcast.
The electric light didn’t exist.
Communication across great distances was only done on paper.
We walked wherever we needed to go or if we were lucky we had a horse.
Trains, plane and automobiles didn’t exist.
Flight was something only birds could achieve.
Television didn’t exist.
We heated our homes by burning stuff, we cooled them by opening windows.
We had not left the planet.

Is there nothing new left to discover? Will every invention, toy, device, whatever from here on it just be a modified version of something we already have? I hope not.

Hawk (under the sun, not new)

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