I was outside (man it’s hot and humid!) earlier hoping to catch a glimpse and a picture of the shuttle coming in for a landing. Too small a vehicle and too much sky for that to happen but it was the first time I’d ever been out of doors for the twin sonic booms the shuttle kicks off. That was wild! Louder than any fireworks show you’ve ever heard. Two neighbors down the street were yelling to each other “Did you hear that? It sounded like a BOMB! There’s a truck down the street! Do you think he’s shooting at people!?” (idiots).

But I digress… While I was out there I happened across this little guy flitting around the Sago Palm in the front yard. Man I do love my Kodak Z-650, it takes kick ass pictures!

Bug on Sago Palm
Click the above for a larger view, 1024 x 768, 374K.



  1. 0rion

    Very nice shot, you really got a good angle on that guy for your photo.


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