98 Pictures…

*sigh* I just shot 98 pictures in about 20 minutes trying to get a picture of lightning during one of the most intense storms I’ve ever experienced. It was like an artillery barrage. Thunder after thunder with almost no breaks in between. Had the camera on 4 image burst mode and everything but not ONE picture with lightning in it. The storm was teasing me. I’m sure of it. Each time the camera buffer got full there’d be a HUGE stroke of lightning right where I’d been shooting. Damn storm! I’ve tried for years to get a picture of lightning. *grumble!*

Hawk (lightningless)


  1. doug

    Maybe you’re just a crappy photographer?

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Shall I post some of my macro stuff and make you all shades of jealous again? 🙂

  3. doug

    Pbbttt, I got a pretty good image of the moon last night, so there! I’ll send along a great pic of a bee I gleaned from about 2782 attempts, too.

  4. hawk (Post author)

    And why’d you get those? Hrm? Oh, that’s right! After all these years you finally listened to me and bought a Kodak!


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