To hell with the future!

I mean seriously, what’s the future done for me lately? Nothing, that’s what! Everyone wants me to conserve, reuse, recycle “For the Future”. Well hell, I’m not going to be there to enjoy it! Why should I do without, do with less and care what happens when I’m dead and worm food? Damn it I don’t care! I’m going to buy disposable everything! I’m going to build a 1953 Cadillac and put an extra engine in the trunk that does nothing, NOTHING but run and use up resources! I’m turning on every light in my house and replacing every one of the bulbs with 150 watters! I’m setting the fridge to freezing! I’m going to air condition the screen house! I’m going to cook everything at 500 degrees and leave the oven on 24 hours a day so it’s always ready to cook! Screw you, future!

Hawk (only sorta kidding)

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