Once upon a time two pool repair people went to Thermo-Spas to pick up a pump motor because they packaged the wrong one with one of their spas they’d just manhandled down a hill of mud and through a door that required (but weren’t told it required) disassembly of the spa. They were told, “Sure, we’ve got those on the shelf, have a seat.” The two guys then sat there, dirty, grubby, smelly in the showroom for an hour only to find out the guy who was bringing the pump motor out decided to go to lunch instead of moving the motor the last 25 feet. One of those two guys was then heard to say, quite loudly, loudly enough that the manager called his employer to report that the rude, smelly man had said, quite loudly “Always remember people, Spas spelled backwards, is SAPS..”

Hawk (once upon a time, dirty, smelly… profound)

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