Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Ok, this has got to be the stupidest holiday ever.
So… in that vein I’d like to propose the following *NEW* holidays to be observed in 2008!

January 24th – Brutal Honesty Day

April 24th – Send Hawk Money Day

May 11th – Pee Outside Day

July 5th – Count Your Fingers Day

October 3rd – Smell Like an Onion Day

November 17th – Fart When You Want to Day

December 1st – Dress Like Elvis Day

Hawk (Really looking forward to April!)


  1. Chilly

    In my world, EVERY day is January 24th. (OK, and November 17th too.)

    Aye, matey, t’was a good idear though! 😉

  2. Azmidiske

    How about

    Wipe Your Boogers on Your Pants Day?
    Call in Sick to Work and Play Video Games All Day…Day?
    Use your Damn Blinker or I’ll Slash Your Tires Day?
    Trilogy Day…where everyone sits at home and watches their favorite trilogy back to back to back?
    Smile at People You Hate and Make them Wonder What You’re Up To Day?
    No Pants Day?

    and my personal favorite…

    Go Without a Bra Day?

  3. hawk (Post author)

    That last one… it could be VERY good or VERY, very bad 🙂

  4. doug

    Why should I send money to someone too dumb to make *tomorrow* “Send Hawk money” day?

  5. hawk (Post author)

    Because April 24th’s my BIRTHDAY! It gives people a good reason to empty their bank accounts and send them to me!

  6. doug

    Bleah, I’m too dumb to type “dumb enough” instead of “too dumb”.

  7. hawk (Post author)

    So we’l be expecting a large check from you in April? Just consider me the alternative IRS, we even give you an extra week to pay! 🙂


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