That was freaky!

First the back story:
Last month we ordered pizza from Dominos, mom wanted to try that new Oreo desert they’re offering. The order came and it was screwed up so we had to call and have them send out two new pizzas. Those came, we ate them but weren’t very impressed (Little Caesar’s $5 ‘Hot n Ready’ pizza is far superior). We tried the Oreo thing later on and it was gross. Seeing their 100% satisfaction guarantee on the pizza box I wrote them an email telling them we were dissatisfied and wanted our money back as per their offer. The next day I got a reply telling me that the local store was independently owned and my complaint had been forwarded to the district manager. A week passed and I heard nothing from them. I wrote them another email. Another week passed and I again sent another email off. I still haven’t received a reply via email from them.

Now the freaky:
Yesterday a letter arrived from Dominos apologizing for the unsatisfactory food and referencing an email I never got. They included three $5 coupons. Figuring bad pizza is still better than no pizza we decided to order today, Tuesday, as they have a two for one deal on Tuesdays. I called, placed our order and got off the phone. Mom got up to get a couple bucks for a tip and before she could get back into the living room the doorbell rang. I said, “That can’t be the pizza guy, it hasn’t even been five minutes yet. If it IS the pizza guy I’m very impressed!” I opened the door…
My brain’s going all sorts of “Hugnbmlbv vorp nop!” and he explains that they’d received my complaint and since he had a delivery in the area he was dropping off the refund I had requested. Not fifteen minutes later the doorbell rings again and it’s ANOTHER pizza guy with our order. I’ve got to give Dominos points for speedy delivery, less than 20 minutes, and they do deliver HOT food but it’s not very good food. We won’t be ordering from them again but at least I got a blog post out of it. 🙂

Hawk (listening for the doorbell)

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