Kids Games…

I’m seeing two extremes and both disturb the hell out of me…

On one hand we have the Leap Frog, Leapster, etc. line of toys and games that portray the idea that children when not eating, pooping or sleeping should be LEARNING! all the time, every moment of every day. Learn, learn, learn! You’re SIX how are you going to get into Harvard if you don’t play your Leapster! Learn, learn, learn! I don’t think the company makes a single toy designed just for fun, to play, to enjoy being a kid at a time when you’re not 80 and wearing diapers.

On the other hand we now have Monopoly with an electronic bank that doesn’t even require your microcephalic children to be able to count. You can play faster now because we’ll do that hard math stuff for you! Do we really need to play Monopoly faster? Are children (those who don’t have Leap Frog products that is) so moronic we can’t teach them a base 10 number system? My dad had a great way to speed up Monopoly, we divvied up most of the money when the game started. We started rich and got richer (The Donald Trump version of Monopoly) the games were cut throat and quick but at least we knew how to count.

Hawk (spelled microcephalic correctly & never had a Leapster)


  1. Azmidiske

    As a mom, with 7 year old twin girls no less…I feel pretty much the same way. On one hand, I love the idea that they can learn while they are playing games. However, when you really get down to it, my little girl learns a lot just playing Zelda on my old gameboy anyway. We’re talking map reading, hand-eye coordination, memorization. We bought them the LeapPads when they were like 5 or something, and they really enjoyed them. They were especially great for long car trips. Last Christmas, they got the V-Smile kids video game system thing and they like it, but they don’t play it nearly as much as the Gameboy. I do my part as a mother and limit the time they get to spend on the video games, but I’ve always felt that it’s not the video games’ fault if your kids are screwed up. It’s my job as a mother to make sure that the kids know that violence isn’t good, you can’t jump off of a cliff and not be hurt and guns actually kill. Yeah, that’s a whole other rant that i’m not going to get into. Point being – yeah, they are going overboard with the whole “learning games” thing. When is it going to be too much?


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