I get the coolest spam…

Normally I just dump my junk mail folder without even looking at the contents but on occasion I do check to see if anything that shouldn’t be labeled as spam got there by accident. While doing that this morning I came across the following and had to share it with you guys…

Subject: SPAM:hawk@xxx.xx.xxx We think your house is haunted!

Three houses in your neighborhood have had high amounts of spiritual activity. Our instruments show strange energy radiating directly from your home.

Please dont wait until it is too late!

Must have been the spicy bean dip I had the other night..

Hawk (haunted!)


  1. Azmidiske

    Goodness. I know more people read this thing. Why am I the only one commenting??

    You’re lucky, though. I only get the spam that keeps telling me that my penis isn’t large enough and that I can’t satisfy women unless I take some supplement or another. Or that I need a new mortgage and can refinance easily with low interest rates.
    And the ones that crack me up are the long paragraphs of total nonsense. You know, the ones that look like someone had a ball with a Mad Libs tablet….

  2. ADHD

    Ha! Nice.


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