What’s up with Amazon?

Wasn’t seriously shopping for anything but I had just looked up a TV show name on IMDB and clicked the DVD link in a futile hope that the show would be available for purchase. While over there at the Amazon shopping hell site I checked out my ‘Gold Box’ offers and found the following category:

Hawk’s Quick Picks – Just for you – add one item from this section to your cart and buy within an hour. New items every day!

Listed below that was one of the oddest collections of items… among them were:

FoodSaver T010-00150-001 3 pack 11″ x 18′ Roll (I have a FoodSaver?)
Apple .Mac 5.0
iRobot Roomba APS 4905 Battery (I have a Roomba?!)
QuickBooks Pro 2007 for Mac (I don’t have a Mac!)

Hawk (Still getting used to Vista!)

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