Cop Sues Victims Family?!

My What the Fuck gage just got pegged while reading the morning paper. There’s a story about police Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn of the Casselberry Florida police force who is SUING the family of a one year old boy who almost drowned because she slipped and fell at the house while responding to the call. Her complaint is the family left a puddle of water on the floor after pulling the child from the pool which caused her to fall and break her knee during the rescue efforts. Excuse me?! The family didn’t stop during their emergency to mop the goddamn floor and this idiot is suing them over it?

Sgt. Andrea Eichhorn, fuck you. Seriously. I don’t care what commendations you’ve received you’re a disgrace to the uniform. It was a drowning call, you should have expected to find WATER on the scene. To sue a family who’s child is living in a nursing home becuase he cannot walk, talk or swallow, a child who breathes and eats through tubes, is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever read.

Hawk (disgusted)


  1. John

    And isn’t the child in a nursing home because she dropped him when she slipped?

  2. hawk (Post author)

    The article I read didn’t mention her dropping the kid. I did hear, second hand, that since I wrote the above entry she’s withdrawn her lawsuit. I’ll follow up if I find out more.

  3. hawk (Post author)

    “Eichhorn was also placed on leave by the Casselberry Police Department.”

    They left out “PAID administrative” before ‘leave’. She embarasses herself and everyone, makes people irate and she’s getting paid.


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