*News Flash*

I haven’t had a cigarette in 142 hours and counting.

Hawk (updated)


  1. Kelley


    I quit smoking when my mother dies, I feel so much better.

    Good luck, if you have problem, go to smokeaway.com and check their stuff out, it is all natural. My friend’s husband used it and he tried to quit a bunch of times.

  2. TheManThatTimeForgot

    “I quit smoking when my mother dies, I feel so much better.”

    Happen often, does it?


  3. TheManThatTimeForgot

    As luck would have it my mother only died once. Seems an appropriate amount.

    Anywho about smoking.. Keep it up.. Unless you love hating yourself you’ll get the point that you’ve now gone through the worst part – why repeat the suffering? Don’t go back. There’s no point. You’ve seen it, you’ve done it, you’ve smelled like it.. blah blah blah.. it’s so 1980 or something.

    I did it oh.. about 2-1/2 years ago.. so I’m not just some never-smoked pulling advice from my azoot.. go to… uhh.. I think it’s whyquit.com – they’ve got gnarly pics of people dying from smoking.. maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t..

    Again, don’t go back, stick with it. The worst is behind you. Keep it there.

  4. hawk (Post author)

    I’ve quit a couple times. A year here a year there. A few months ect. ect. I’m going to do my best to stick with the no tobacco for this wacko pledge…

    So, who is ya?

  5. TheManThatTimeForgot

    Oh grasshopper… there is but one quit. Anything else is simply a pause. 🙂

    I am not at liberty to directly speak the name.

    sn0rk. 😉

  6. hawk (Post author)

    I hate mysteries and puzzles! Argh! Well, I at least know where you’re posting from…

  7. Chilly

    Good on ye, Hawk! I’m no expert and I sure as hell won’t bother you with platitudes or advice. But I will say that I finally quit once & for all on Jan. 1, 2006 and have not looked back. The straw on the proverbial camel’s back broke and has remained that way since.

    Oh, chewing gum was a lifesaver for me. My favorite part of being an ex is being able to smell things again.

    Good luck, man!

  8. TheManThatTimeForgot

    It’s actually not a mystery or a puzzle.

    I saw you had a site/blog. Saw you were going through something I’ve already done…. wanted to drop a note or two in the light spirit of help. You want to make it something other than that.. that’s your choice.

    Note though. I didn’t post anything about your identity in public.. You could be decent enough and do the same.

    When you asked who I was, I presented something that should have easily provided the facts as there are less than 5 people on the planet that share the information. We happen to be two of them. May have slipped your mind or whatever, but it doesn’t mean someone is playing games with you.

    Kindly remove the things you publicly wrote about my identity. Good luck to you man. Hope your smoking stays quit. I won’t bother you again since it seems you’ve taken all the light hearted joking, helpful hint(s) etc.. and turned it into an “ARGH!” occasion instead. Not my intention, so I’ll just move on.. maybe I’ll catch you again in another 10+ years.

    Peace to you. Peace to all who are suffering.

  9. hawk (Post author)

    “it doesn’t mean someone is playing games with you.”

    Right! No, of course not:

    TheManThatTimeForgot (with an invalid email address)
    Isn’t it Weiker blows *MOOSE*?
    I am not at liberty to directly speak the name

    There’s nothing at all similar to fucking with someone with the above cryptic bullshit. I can think of far more than five people who could make any of those references. “snausages” means nothing to me. Dozens of people have copies of the highway sign call log. Many people have used the term “sn0rk” or heard me use it. You want to go away, that’s fine but don’t go in a huff because your little game wasn’t as fun as you expected it to be. I don’t like games, not ones in which people pretend they know me and offer stupid “Guess who!?” clues.


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