My Bank Sucks!

So I head out to the store to stock up on some Diet Coke. On the way there I stop and get some gas. Typical routine. Typical time for me to go shopping, 3 AM. I get home and there’s an email alert from the bank which I was about to delete as the usual spam but for the hell of it I opened the mail. Surprise, surprise, it actually does appear to be from my bank (to remain nameless). I ignore the links in the email, though I don’t use a web enabled email client like Outhouse Express I’m still paranoid. I pop on over to my bank’s site and check. Indeed, there is an alert telling me they’ve detected irregular activity on the account and frozen it until I can verify this activity. The alert also tells me to contact them IMMEDIATELY. I call them and dance around with yet another stupid automated phone system and come to find out THEY’RE CLOSED FOR THE FUCKING HOLIDAY! How the hell am I supposed to contact them immediately if there’s NO ONE there to contact?! Ugh!


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