Smoke Free!

I’ve been smoke free for TWO WEEKS!


14 days; or

336 hours; or

20,160 minutes; or

1,209,600 seconds; or

1,411,200 heartbeats (resting)

Hawk (counting? Who, me?)


  1. Chilly

    Way to go!! I know I sound like a goofy cheerleader (‘Really,’ you must be thinking, ‘who the hell IS this woman?’) but I truly understand quitting the habit; I just want to offer encouragement to anyone else who wants to quit too. I still find myself craving a smoke after meals every once in a while, but the fact that I can breathe at night and actually smell and taste things again keeps me cig-free.

    Keep going & stay strong!

  2. Azmidiske

    I’ve been smoking now for …. good lord, 17 years, off and on. I’ve quit so many times, i’ve lost track of the number. It sure is great to be able to breathe and smell once you have quit. But i’m weak and need some sort of vice. I don’t like weed, won’t do anything harder than weed and can’t drink much because I have two kids. No, I don’t smoke around them. I congratulate you wholeheartedly though on your smoke-free-ness! Keep it up! My problem is simply that I like cigarettes. I LIKE to smoke. Yeah, the nasty tasting phlegm is a definite downside but i’m probably, unfortunately, going to be smoking for years to come.

  3. Azmidiske

    Oh, and can you refer me on MyPoints? Give you some extra points or something for me signing up? 🙂

  4. hawk (Post author)

    Thanks for the encouragement folks! The last time I quit I was off them for about a year. Let’s hope this time I can stay quitted!

    Azmidiske, referral’s sent. You’ll need to sign up and earn some points (free of course) for me to earn anything for the referral… I suggest signing up through MyPoints for MySurveys and the other survey sites they’ll offer over time. Can get some fair goodies from them as well.


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