Picture Day 2.01a

Picture day, it’s picture day again!

The weather’s finally turning ‘nice’ here in Florida. Nice being mid 70’s to near 80 with low humidity. It takes a while but we finally get ‘fall’. Even the leaves on the few maple trees down here are turning color and might even fall off this year…

So, here’s the pictures I took while out driving around today. Be warned: if you’re on dialup some of these may take a while to load as a couple are near or over 500K.

Click the above for larger images.


Hawk (shutterbug)


  1. ADHD

    wow, the fourth one (middle right) is great!

    (Why does it seem better than the one before it, which is of the same thing?)

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Closer view, tighter into the subject, less distracting background…

  3. Chilly

    Beautiful, as usual. Love the water shot, I can almost hear the surf…

  4. hawk (Post author)

    Thanks! 🙂


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