MetroPCS, run by morons…

Though there’s little chance I’ll drop my T-Mobile account and pick up another cell phone provider, a week ago I saw a MetroPCS store opening just down the road from me and their television commercials are obnoxious enough (“hello…hello..hello”) to make me inquisitive. So I head to their web site to see what they offer in plans and phones. I get there and click on “Phones” I’m then prompted to enter a ZIP code… I can’t SEE the phones until I prove to them that I’m in an area they cover… what?! I enter my ZIP code and I’m told they don’t cover this area… WHAT?! Hello? Storefront, 1.2 miles from my house, same Zip, WTF? For shits and giggles I try the “Plans” link with the, expected, same results. Now I’m forced to check their coverage area and then hunt down the Zip code (their maps don’t have those displayed) for a town that they offer coverage in JUST to see what phones or plans they offer. Five minutes later armed with the proper code and wearing my trench coat and fedora I approach the gates of doo… Oh, sorry, I went back to their site clicked “Plans” entered a Zip code for a town they actually offer coverage in… and there’s an error:
Index was outside the bounds of the array
There’s no plans displayed. UGH…

That was a week ago. Last night I drove past the OPEN MetroPCS store and decided that if their store’s open, operational and ready for business they MUST have updated their website to add our area in. I mean, it’s been a week and you’d think they’d want to get the information out that “YOU NOW CAN GIVE US YOUR MONEY!”
Hey, look at that, another error:
You have entered a zip code that is not within a MetroPCS service area

Well, screw you, MetroPCS. I tried jumping through your inane hoops just to see what you offered and you, for some unknown, idiotic, reason choose to hide your information from consumers. Good luck with that concept, Shitheads.

Hawk (Hello..Hel{CLICK}……)

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