Smoke Free Update…

Today, actually tonight at 8:50 PM EST, marks:

two months

Without a single cigarette! Cold Turkey works!

Hawk (cough free too!)


  1. John

    Cold turkey!?! You’re insane! Congrats! You using the gum or the patch or anything?

  2. hawk (Post author)

    I Didn’t use anything, seriously. No patch, no gum, no little in the ear magnets. I was smoking two, sometimes three packs a day and one night I said “I really don’t want to do this anymore.” put out the cigarette I had just lit and never lit another. Every now and then I still reach for ’em. Right after a meal and when I stagger in here after waking up to check for email. Even then, the cravings were never that bad.

    Mom’s quit too. She’s up to about a month without a cigarette though she’s having a harder time with it.

  3. Chilly

    You know, that’s kind of how it worked for me too. I got sick of coughing all night long, put the damn things down and never picked them up again.

    Keep on truckin’, man!


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