MetroPCS, service FOR morons…

More or less an update post but also… well, how to describe this. If you subscribe to MetroPCS you’re an imbecile. You’d have to be brain dead to think anything they offer is a bargain or even worth paying for.

They’ve finally, after being open locally for weeks, added our Zip code to their site’s list of “Places to be anally rapped for cash”, hooray.

Their phones are unremarkable and I don’t see anything that scream bargain or unique. I’ve vaguely heard of Kyocera phones and never heard of UTStarcom but they sell ’em.

Their plans range from $30 to $50 a month (for people who can’t think past 28 days that’s $360 – $600 a year). For $360 a year you get boned. You get unlimited local calling and long distance is .05 a minute on top of your monthly fees. To use that you need to have money IN your MetroPCS account, they don’t have contracts so they won’t bill you. Web, IM, voice mail, caller ID, etc. are not available with this plan. If you want them and other features you need to step up to at least the next level of plan. No matter what level of plan you choose none of these features are free.

Then we get on to the silly shit that made me laugh. Want to download a ring-tone, you need to deposit money in your account. Then you need to KEEP paying to use the ring-tone. 2.99 – 2 uses, $5.99 – 4 uses, $9.99 – 7 uses. They don’t mention what happens if your phone rings eight times. I don’t understand the pricing for phone wallpapers. pricing $1.99 – 1 use, $4.99 – 3 uses, $7.49 – 5 uses. Is a ‘use’ opening your phone and seeing the wallpaper? I dunno, I suspect it is but their site’s not real detailed about these things. Even their games come with levels of usage, 30 days, 60 days, unlimited.

If you want to avoid having a contract, and don’t mind paying for everything other than local calling then, well, there’s better service out there but if you’re brain damaged maybe MetroPCS is for you…

My apologies to the brain damaged people out there who wouldn’t fall for these scams.

Hawk (T-Mobile and loving it)


  1. Kelley

    I have never even heard of these people! I use Cricket and love them. It is $50 a month and I get unlimited calls and text message, which I use all the time. The only hitch is that if I go out of state, which is approximately once a year, I ahve to put money into my “bucket” for minutes used. 100 minutes is $10 or something, no big deal.

    I average about 2,000 minutes a month and about 15-20 text messages a day, so it works out for me.

    I don’t know what T-Mobile offfers, but when I was with Cingular I had to spend well over $100 amonth for the same amount of minutes I use now.


  2. Azmidiske

    I figure someone else already beat me to this, but I hadn\’t read this post fully before, so…. Usually, the prices for wallpapers and ringtones are for \”credits\”. Such as, you pay the 1.99 for 2 credits and most of the wallpapers you look at cost 2 credits. Then, the ringtones are the same way. You pay 5.99 for 4 credits or whatever, and you can sometimes find ringtones at 1 credit per (for the mp3/real music ringtones, they are usually 2 each). The number of credits you buy in the package and the number of credits that each item costs you, depends on which place you\’re buying them from. The games are sometimes a good deal…..Like, one that I wanted was 2.49 to play the game for a week. Then, it would expire. If you wanted to pay 5.99 a month, it would recur until you cancelled it. If you simply wanted to pay 7.49, you could buy the game and have it on your phone forever by paying the price only once. At least this is what i\’ve found from using my Axcess Aps on my Alltel phone. 🙂

  3. hawk (Post author)

    That’s Alltel. I’ve bought ringtones and one wallpaper from my cell provider, T-Mobile. The part in the Metro PCS pricing that doesn’t seem to appear in ANY other phone companies policies is the number of USES you’re paying for. There’s no explanation on their site what that means or even how they track wallpaper ‘use’.

  4. mrmaserati

    MetroPCS sucks terrible horrible customer service.

    For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

    Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at


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