Doggie Dining…

Look, ok, I like dogs, cats, iguanas, whatever. But I don’t want to have dinner out with something that’ll poop on the floor without warning. At least kids have diapers to contain it from view when they decided to ruin my dinner. BTW, this is not about service dogs. I have absolutely no problem with service animals going anywhere their owners go. This is somewhat about people bringing their pets to dinner which I, on some level, object to. I also object to squalling brats and children running amok without supervision as well. If I’m out to eat I want to enjoy my overpriced food and snotty servers. I don’t want my crotch sniffed (unless the waitress is cute) or have my feet drooled upon. I don’t want to be barked at, cried at, vomited on, bitten or have to worry about the food being snatched off my plate when I turn away. What this is actually more about is the Melbourne Florida City Council wasting tax dollars and their time debating a law to allow dogs at outdoor eateries. Aren’t there other, real, problems these people should be dealing with? If there isn’t, if ‘Doggie Dining’ is the height of their weekly waste of resources and tax dollars let’s fire them or at least send them home until something important comes up that actually needs their attention.

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Hawk (Lets ban kiddie dining!)

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