I know the updates have been few and far between and that last one was just fluff anger. Mom’s been facing, walking away from and facing and walking away from (figuratively and literally) knee surgery. I’ve been the only mobile one in the house and have been doing all the things that needed doing which isn’t doing me any good…

Hopefully things have straightened out (no surgery at this time) and I can get back to bitching about the things that annoy me…

Hawk (needs to vent spleen, please duck)


  1. Chilly

    It’s a freakin’ epidemic. I know at least 3 people in pre- and post-op mode from knee surgeries. It’s a huge decision; it takes a lot of time to recover from, plus tons of physical therapy.

    Good luck to your mom, hope she feels better soon.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Well it was scheduled for today and she’s home walking around like it never hurt her… dunno what happened but thankfully she didn’t have to have the surgery.


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