E-Mail Blackhole…

I live in an e-mail black hole. I must. I know some e-mail is bound to get lost. The vagaries of the internet make that a given but seriously, I send out at least five or six e-mails for every one I receive (we’re not counting spam here!). Granted some e-mail doesn’t need or require a response and some discussions just die of natural causes when you run out of puns or insults or whatever. But other stuff, though possibly inane to some is important to me. Being disabled and mostly homebound it’s one of my few connections to the outside world. One of the few was to have conversations with people. I LIKE getting e-mail!

Hawk (Yeah, that’s a guilt trip aimed at a few people, I’m a bastard)


  1. Azmidiske

    Okay, forgive the blondeness, but i’m just not finding your email address on the site. I’ll be quite happy to send you random emails and conversations just to pester you…..if I know where to send ’em! 😛

  2. hawk (Post author)

    “Then again, maybe you won’t…”


  3. Azmidiske

    I did, I did! I just….ya know….forgot to check that email address. And was busy as hell. But yeah, I did! 🙂

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