“Oh, it was nothing…”

So I got home after visiting some friends, soaked to the bone. I got changed and decided to lounge in my room and read for a while. I’m sitting there and I hear car engines, many car engines. Then I hear people talking and the unmistakable sound of police radios. Just at that moment my mom knocked on the door to tell me there were “A whole lotta cops outside…”

I got up and decided if they hadn’t knocked on the door by now they weren’t here for me (and no, I don’t have ANY idea why they would have been here for me!) it was safe to go outside. Lining my street are TEN (10) marked police cars and one (1) unmarked detective type car and THIRTEEN cops. They’re all gathered at the next corner/two houses down from us. All the neighbors are out standing in the rain wondering what the hell’s going on that requires the majority of the police force to show up. A few minutes later the cops start leaving and as a group walked past our place I asked; “Everything ok? Is there something we should be concerned about?” and the answer I got? “Oh, it was nothing…” 13 cops, 11 cars and 45 minutes and it was “nothing”? YEAH, right…

I don’t want to be around when it’s “something” they’ll probably be calling in air strikes!

Hawk (innocent, really! Stop snickering!)


  1. John

    Mustve said something really bad about Scientology.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    I figured it had to be at least a twofer, ya know, like jaywalking AND spitting on the sidewalk…


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