High performance what?!

So the other day I’m browsing through the Lowes ad or it might have been the Home
De(s)pot ad, I’m not sure which and I’m checking out the bathroom fixtures as one of these days I’m going to have to semi-gut one of ours due to water damage. I see two toilets listed. One’s something like $90, low gallon per flush, typical toilet. The other is listed as a “High Performance Toilet” and supplies no details whatsoever…other than it’s TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS more than the ‘regular performance toilet’.

Is it turbo charged? Does it have Nitrous? I didn’t see any slicks or a roll cage in the picture but they do amazing things with Photoshop these days…

What the hell is SO special about something you shit in that justifies it being hundreds of dollars more than another something you shit in?!

Hawk (fuvgurnq)


  1. Nitocris

    Prevent blower bang?

    Toilet-train your elephant?

    Al Bundy’s picture’s on the lid?

    I have a low-flow toilet, actually, and it’s (pardon the pun) crappy. Never buy one..at least, not if you live in an old house.


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