Warning: Grumpy Bear

I don’t sleep. Some of you know this, some of you don’t. I’ve suffered from horrible insomnia for years now. It’s a wonder I haven’t gone insa… let’s not go there. I don’t normally sleep more than two or three hours at a time then either I’ve soaked through my pillows with sweat or my bladder’s screaming for a trip to the bathroom. Topping off those fun and games I just got a new mattress, a warranty replacement. Around three year of abuse and my old bed was dented and tired. I’m a big guy and hard on the bedding so I usually go for the stiffer mattresses they tend to last a little longer than the nice, soft, pillow-top mattresses. Those rank a 7 – 9 on the ‘Mattress Comfort Scale‘ The one I just got as a replacement is the ‘Kearns’ which as you can see on the above linked page is a foam wrapped brick. So…. if over the next week or so I seem excessively grumpy and growly, forgive me, I’m trying to get used to a new mattress and this old body doesn’t adjust well. Ugh…

Hawk (wants to sleep in 0 G.)


  1. Nitocris

    I sympathize; I’ve sleep issues too. Though probably for different reasons, lack of sleep feels the same in the end, regardless.

    And *I* prefer you somewhat on the abrasive side, so ‘grumpy bear’ wouldn’t bother me in the least *chuckles*


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