The Power of the Bitch…

A few years ago I threw something away… I don’t remember what it was or exactly why I tossed it but it was bad, dented, spoiled, something. Later that day it hit me, this is stupid, I’m throwing my damn money away and I was mad about that. So I gave the company that made whatever it was a call and told them I was damn unhappy with them and their product. To my surprise they apologized, profusely, and offered to replace it. A week later I had a coupon for whatever it was I had pitched in the garbage can.

Right then and there I decided, I’m not going to throw my money away on bad products. I’m not going to shut up, shrug and say it’s ok, only two cans in the 12-pack were dented or only one was completely empty. I’m going to bitch about it until they do something about my complaint.

A couple years later I had an older mattress that developed a bad ‘body dent’. It was still under warranty so I called the company I bought it from, they sent a new mattress out with some delivery boy to ‘inspect’ the old mattress. He found some two inch wide stain from where I spilled a soda and declared they couldn’t make the exchange. The old me would have just rolled over and gone out, probably to the same store, and bought a new mattress. The new me fought for my warranty coverage. I fought with the store manager and the district manager. I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. I fought with the representative from the mattress company who ran me around for over a month. And I got my new mattress.

Now I’m not telling you to lie or even embellish but if you’re not happy with something you’ve spent your money on, complain. Speak out and be heard. Companies spend millions of dollars a year trying to get you to buy their products and most are more than willing to compensate you to keep you as a customer. So when you open that 12-pack of Sierra Mist and the last three cans in the pack look like this:

Dentsville! I'm not drinking that!

Say something about it! It took me all of five minutes to send a complaint to Pepsi about the can above and three days later I had a coupon for a free 12-pack in my mailbox. Don’t throw your money away people, use ‘The Power of the Bitch’ and let them know you won’t waste your money on bad products anymore.


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