Not feeling charitable this morning…

I was listening to the TV in the other room a few days ago. Drew Barrymore was on Oprah with the following sob story…

“[some name] this selfless mother of NINE often goes without food when there’s not enough to feed her family…”

My brain melted….

Selfless?! Was it that NINTH child that stretched the gruel too far? Was she happily able to feed EIGHT children? Of course she wasn’t! She was probably struggling to feed ONE child, then two, then three and so on and so forth. So WHY is this ‘selfless’ woman creating more famine? Why is she bringing more lives she can’t care for into this world? What’s selfless about popping out kid after kid after kid when you couldn’t care for the FIRST one you had! Enough already, STOP SCREWING!

Hawk (seriously annoyed)

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