I have the coolest friends. The mail-lady brought me a box today and inside it I found… petrified poo! Or, as those who aren’t giddy about getting petripoop in the mail call it, coprolite.

Click the above for larger view.

Thanks John, you made my day!

Hawk (hast poopstone!)


  1. John

    We know it has a hard candy shell, but I can’t help wondering if it also has a creamy center.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Well you should have tried that before ya sent it to me ’cause I’m not going to risk my few remaining teeth trying it out 🙂

  3. Azmidiske

    Okay, so is it human or animal? and…just….ew….

  4. hawk (Post author)

    I’m pretty sure it’s dinosaur poopiedoo… 🙂

  5. Chilly

    Years ago I volunteered at a natural history museum. My favorite thing to do with the kids was to hand them a rock called coprolite, watch them study it, and THEN tell them that it was fossilized poop. Hilarious!

  6. hawk (Post author)

    You’re evil…

    I like that in a person 🙂


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