Is this a Southern thing?

You’ve got a fairly nice house, around 1700 – 2200 square feet. You’ve got at least a ¼ acre backyard and there’s a fairly good chance that some portion of it is screened in and/or has some shade trees. You… hang out in cheap lawn furniture (or forego the stuff and stand around) in your driveway.

Are they junior exhibitionists? “I like to be watched… sitting in a plastic chair… in the broiling sun…next year I’ll try it naked…”

I don’t get it! I LIKE the privacy, limited though it is living on a corner lot as we do. Why are all these people hanging in their driveways?!

Hawk (hiding from the sun)


  1. John

    It’s not just a southern thing. I like to hang out in front of the windows of my NYC apt in a thong.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    I’m sure the neighbors and roommates appreciate that, John, but your perversity’s a little different matter 🙂


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