Woo! Caught him!

Some of you might remember; just about a year ago I tried several times, futilely, to catch a picture of the hawk/falcon who lives in my neighborhood and only managed to get a picture of him mooning me as he flew away.

Finally, today I was sitting in the kitchen watching the world go by, the rain and hoping for a thunderstorm when he flew up, landed on the telephone pole across the street from our driveway AND he sat there long enough for me to grab the camera and get a few shots! YAY!

Click the above for larger images.

Isn’t he/she gorgeous? We’ve been visited by birds before and there’s turkey vultures all over the place down here but seeing a falcon/hawk (whichever he is) in this suburban blight is just amazing.

Hawk (flapping with joy)


  1. Gregory

    Nice shots! You wouldn’t believe the escalation of TURKEYS in CT.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    The two legged wingless variety found driving on I-95? 🙂

  3. John

    I was in the Catskills today and there were wild turkeys all over!

    Wonder what kind of hawk/falcon he is… hmm, where’s my Sibley Guide…

  4. hawk (Post author)

    Rumor has it that it might be a ‘red shouldered’ hawk but I haven’t no clue 🙂


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