Eight Hours…

Look, I don’t hate cops. When I was young I went through the rebelous stage and had my run ins with the police. I call them pigs, behind their backs, and reviled their existence but now I’m an adult and I know they’re doing a necessary job and things would probably be a lot worse if we didn’t have them around and if I’m going to do something stupid or illegal it’s my fault if I get caught not the cops…

and then I come across stories like the following…

Eight hours vacation time is what Officer Fernando Trinidad of the Orlando police force was docked when he;
Violently shoved a woman, from behind, down a staircase.
Walked away from his victim without helping her up or seeing if she sustained injuries.
Filed a false report claiming the woman he shoved down the stairs;
– assaulted him
– spit in his face
– Fell because she lost her footing when he tried to grab her

Jessica Asprilla was arrested for battery on a law enforcement officer, spent fifteen hours in jail, lost her job and owes thousands in medical bills and had someone not found a video SHOWING this lying sack of shit shoving her from behind (which caused all charges against her to be dropped. Surprise, surprise.) she more than likely would have been found guilty!

We need to stop teaching our kids to ‘Trust Mr. Police Man’ and instead ‘Film the Cops At All Times’ to ensure they don’t fabricate a case against you!

Story with video:

Hawk (wants to believe in the system…but can’t, not anymore.)


  1. greg

    Problem is, a lot of cops are those kids who where picked on back in school. i kinda get the feeling there’s a lot more behind this story – he could have killed her. Still, he’s a sack of shit…


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