You know what’s funny?

You’re pulling up to an intersection and heading for the turn lane. There’s one SUV at the light in front of you. 150 feet before you reach the intersection the turn arrow turns green; the SUV sits there. Just before you come to a complete stop you give your horn a solid tap; the SUV sits there. Now you’ve come to a complete stop… at a green light, you lay on the horn (“Sometime today, dipshit!”); the SUV driver suddenly realized he’s an imbecile and is horribly embarrassed. He flips you off, chirps the tires and just to prove his manhood isn’t in question he speeds off like a madman (Muy MACHO!). Half a mile down the road you find he’s been pulled over by the cops. I don’t think he appreciated my applauding as I drove past… 🙂

Best birthday present, ever!

Hawk (still giggling like a schoolgirl)


  1. Ann

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Azmidiske

    Birthday? It’s your birthday?? Aww. No one tells me anything. I would have sent you a stripper or something. 😛

  3. Chilly

    I AM SO JEALOUS! I have always wanted to watch a squirrel like that get his comeuppance. What a great gift, indeed!

    Oh, by the way – HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (A couple days late.)


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