You gotta love Microsoft…

So, ages ago, soon after I got this PC from Dell, I got a $75 gift card from them when I complained about the basic mouse that came with the package. I picked the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 to replace the Dell mouse. I’ve had good luck with MS mice over the years, normally getting 3 – 5 years service out of them. Since I wasn’t technically paying for it I didn’t bother to research the product… I should have. A couple months after getting the mouse it started double clicking instead of single clicking and sometimes not clicking at all (left button). Looking online I found that this is a common occurrence with this model mouse.
I called Microsoft’s hardware replacement like and the lady I spoke to was quite happy to replace the item (I also got Dell to replace it once too!) but she told me the replacement I would be getting would have a ‘special’ serial number that would identify it as a replacement and if I had further problems with the new mouse I should use the OLD serial number if (when!) I needed to contact them again.
That mouse went bad after only a couple months, I then installed the replacement from Dell and if you guessed it only lasted a couple months before it started acting up, you’re right. So I called Microsoft again and gave them the old serial number like I was told to and to my surprise I was told I had a choice; I could return the mouse and then when the got the broken one they’d ship me a new one OR they’d need my credit card number, they would then ship me a new mouse and I’d have 30 days to return the defective part before they charged my account. I didn’t like either option so I said I’d deal with it and buy something with better reviews. About a week ago I decided I wasn’t about to spend money I didn’t need to spend and I was going to employ the full “Power of the Bitch” on them and see what I could achieve. Called and got the same run around choices. Got that person’s supervisor on the phone, same garbage “I’m sorry sir, there’s NOTHING I can do about this.” so I got HIS floor manager on the phone and he let slip after about 15 minutes of arguing that the reason I was getting the run around was the serial number I was giving them was raising flags in their system as it had been marked as already returned. I said “you know, like I mentioned earlier these numbers are insanely hard to read. Let’s double check them, ok?” and I gave him the number off the latest mouse sitting here and *poof* “No problem sir, we can replace this at no charge. The only problem is it and the equivalent replacement we sometimes use are both on backorder until the 19th they’ll ship sometime after that.” I can wait for free.

That was on Friday (the 2nd) Monday I got a ‘status change’ email stating my item had shipped. How something out of stock until the 19th was able to ship on the 5th isn’t something I’m going to lose sleep over. They were even nice enough to ship it Next Day Air so it’ll be here this after noon.

Gotta love Microsoft….

Hawk (buying Logitech once I can’t scam any more free mice from MS)


  1. Chilly

    There’s no company I despise more than M$. None. From the Blue Screen of Death to the peripherals with the built-in obsolescence (that kicks in 5 seconds after the warranty expires)… Hate ’em. I danced a happy dance when I read that their bid to usurp/destroy..I mean “take over” Yahoo failed.

    Mind the Logitech software, though; sometimes it decides to take over the system and hold you hostage to its whims. And since you’re running the M$ OS and they have you by the short ‘n curlies already, you’ll have to reboot… Just sayin’.


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