Is it weird?

Sitting around the other day watching TV and an ad came on for ‘E.T.’ showing on some cable channel this month and I mentioned that I’d never seen the movie. Never seen part of the movie. Never tuned in and watched any part of the movie before having to run off and do something else. The only things I’ve ever seen were short segments (boy and loaf thing fly past the moon. Drew screaming, etc.) whatever’s been used for clip shows over the years. Strangely I have NO urge to change this situation the movie holds no attraction for me.

Hawk (would phone home but he’s already there)


  1. Chilly

    Don’t bother. Typical Spielbergian tug-at-heartstrings, make a bajillion bucks off sucker parents who were forced to drag screaming brats to the theater to see this bit o’ fluff, cry-at-happy-ending flick.


  2. hawk (Post author)

    Yeah.. but EVERYONE’S seen E.T.! It’s been around for so damn long and I’ve somehow missed every opportunity to see it.

    I feel weird.


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