Is anyone reading this stuff?

Yeah, I know, I’ve neglected the blog for a while. Not much and at the same time too much to get bent out of shape over and rant about. That and I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my hands and left shoulder which make typing difficult and painful….

If you are reading my babbling, please, drop me a line or post a reply or something.



  1. John

    I’m here. You should sign up with Statcounter (free) – it really gives you a good idea of who’s visiting.

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Dunno if that’s work with WordPress… the blogging configuration is limited. Sadly I can’t actally see or edit the code.

  3. web statistics

    i’m using idogflogger ( for web statistics, it’s very powerfull and affordable. And I’m a spammer.


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