Play your radio, lose your car…

The town I live in has passed a new ordinance allowing the police to fine you $100 and impound your car if you’re picking up a hooker, buying drugs or… playing your car stereo too loud. I’m of two minds over this I do think it’s a bit extreme to impound a car for a loud stereo but then I’m also sick of not being able to hear the TV in my house, with the windows closed, 30 feet from the road while the central A/C is running.

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Hawk (doesn’t even have a working car radio)


  1. Azmidiske

    Completely agree with you on this one. I cannot stand being able to hear someone’s bass to the point of it rattling my damn windows in my house, when they are in a car driving a few hundred feet away or more. Can you imagine what all that rumbling and thumping is doing to their brain inside their skulls??
    I do, however, like loud music. My car apparantly has better bass than I thought it did because my husband complains when I come home from work, that he can hear me pull in the drive. The only difference is that what I listen to is not rap, r&b or hip-hop in any shape or form. Though, I suppose I shouldn’t throw stones…..


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