Sitting in my room yesterday I saw an ad for CashCall, one of those “You need money, we’ll screw you over but good!” places and their disclosure flicked by in the typical 4 pt font and 2 seconds to read small print. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the tube but I swore I saw 99% interest listed. I didn’t think any company could possibly advertize a rate that insanely high so I checked out their web page….

Sadly, I wasn’t wrong:
California Rates

Let’s do that math; If you live in California and you borrow $2,600 from CashCall you’ll end up paying them BACK $9,095.10. If you’re stupid enough to borrow $5,075 you’ll end up paying $24,738 back to these bloodsuckers.

Just for shits and giggles I’m including the rates for my state, Florida:
Florida Rates

141.42%! Is that even legal?!

Hawk (NOT borrowing money from them!)


  1. John
  2. Chilly

    When people enter those check cashing places they ought to get knocked to the ground and slapped around a bit before they get the money — at least then they’d know that they’ve been robbed.

    141%?!?! That’s fucking USURY.

  3. hawk (Post author)

    I’m just amazed that it’s legal for them to charge over 100% interest. Hell, the Mob doesn’t charge that much!

  4. Ann

    thats absolutely insaine! cant believe youd be desperate enough to do that!

    i thought there were laws about that for each state… thats why a good chunk of credit cards are headquartered in delaware becuase delaware allows them to charge higher interest rates..
    oh well.. shows what i know!!!

  5. mabel holden

    ilive in md

    Admin Note:

    Damned spammers


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