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When I make a purchase with my debit card ANYWHERE except at the gas station pump, the transaction shows up online by (before) the time I get home. I pay my car insurance over the phone with my debit card and it’s less than five minutes until that transaction shows up. If I buy gas and go IN the convenience store and get a soda the transaction is like every other purchase, showing on the account minutes later. However, if I pay AT the pump it takes days, sometimes long as a week, for the transaction to appear on my account.

When logging into HotMail why the hell do you have to append to the user name? As far as I know they’ve never offered any other domain to log in with. Even when they had a little drop-down selector box it never had anything other than HOTMAIL in it. So why do I need to type in when I’m logging INTO HotMail?!

Hawk (Just doesn’t get it…)


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  2. Azmidiske

    If you pay at the pump with your card at a station, (at least around here), they put a hold on like 75 bucks to make sure that you aren’t….uh, hell if I know why. So, i’m imagining that’s why it doesn’t show up right away.
    My station rounds up to the nearest dollar for 24 hours. If I spend $3.01, it shows on the bank website for $4.00 for at least a day. No idea why – makes it a pain in the ass to balance if you didn’t remember to save – or lost – the receipt.

  3. hawk (Post author)

    But there’s nothing. Occasionally the available balance report will be a dollar less than the actual balance but that’s not even consistent. There’s never a hold or anything on the live statement until the charge clears. Every other charge sits there with a ‘pending’ status.

  4. Chilly

    Maybe it’s your bank; I use a small credit union. My transactions show up in a timely manner, usually by the next day. That doesn’t really help, does it? Sorry.

  5. Hawk (Post author)

    See that’s the thing. EVERY transaction except those made at the gas pump show up right away. Only the pump purchases are delayed.


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