Have you guys caught this commercial on late night television yet? Just call the 800 number, they’ll send you an ‘indestructible’ envelope, you send off your unwanted gold and they’ll mail you a check…

How fucking gullible is the American late night viewing audience? Do we need an adult V-Chip to protect the moronic from throwing their money away?

Hey, people, if you don’t want your money, send it to me! I’ll at least be honest about it, I won’t send you anything in return… no, wait, I’ll send you a thank you card. How’s that? Send me your money and I’ll thank you for doing it? Sound fair?



  1. John

    I’m too lazy to fill out an envelope, do you take PayPal?

  2. hawk (Post author)

    I’m sorry, due to a severe alergic reaction to anything related to eBay I am unable to accept paypal, if you like I can send you a semi-indestructable return envelope to stuff your cash in…


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