Anyone know what this is?

Found this browsing around Flickr a while ago. The photographer has no idea what it means/stands for either. I’m intrigued…

Full size can be seen here.

Hawk (wants a spine tree!)


  1. Chilly

    My first thought was some sort of chiropractor’s Yggdrasil. You know, all life springs from the spine…

    That makes no sense, does it? Yeesh. (Obviously someone had a stencil made, so it must mean something.)

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Well, according to a friend who’s very into obscure music and bands there appears to be, get this, a band called “Spine Tree” there’s little info on them out there.

  3. Frost

    Is it a Banksy? It looks like a Banksy, to me.

  4. Frost


    Just do a google search “Banksy”. He’s amazing. I don’t know if that’s what this is, but it is definitely a Banksy Wannabe, if it isn’t Banksy himself.


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