Are people THIS gullible?

I just got an offer from Fiji Water (not going to link to them) where they offer to deliver bottled water to my house on a reoccurring monthly basis. The cost? A 24-bottle case of .5 litre/500ml bottled water is… wait for it… $30. Thirty freaking dollars for 24 bottles of water. Amazingly enough that does include free UPS ground shipping.

Maybe if you lived in Alaska and were 150 miles from the nearest town this might be bargain enough to save you money but I can get FIVE cases of water from the local Winn-Dixie (it’s not bad water either!) and still have enough left over for gas out of that same $30.

The only thing Fiji’s got going for it? Square bottles, which I think are kinda neat and though I’ve seen them on TV all the time we don’t get square bottles down here in Florida. 🙁

Hawk (hydrated and not gullible)

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