Has it really been seven years?

I remember the morning, waking up, wandering in here for a smoke and to check my email. I saw a usenet post that said someone had flown a plane into one of the WTC buildings. A joke? I raced to the TV to turn on CNN…

I remember sitting, watching, worried, emotions I can’t name or explain…

I saw them fall.

Take a moment and remember.

Hawk (remembers)


  1. Ann

    Without a doubt it should be remembered. I remember hearing on the radio that a plane had flown into one of the towers. I was on the way to the doctor with my then almost 3 month old son. I thought it was a sesna or small plane. I was in with the Dr when the second plane hit. Another Doctor in the office walked in to tell us a second plane hit. We both stopped and looked each other, we knew something was going on. Very surreal moment.

    I remember seeing the towers fall.. can’t describe the feeling. Even though I knew no one there, it didn’t matter.

    We were all Americans then. Nothing else mattered. What happened?

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    We’re a jaded society if the talking heads on TV aren’t pounding the stories into our brains on an hourly basis we sadly seem to forget things happened.

  3. LINDA



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