Good books piss me off…

Yes, I’m weird, I can’t help that. Bear with me here. Bad books last. granted really bad books get tossed across the room never to be finished but books that fit somewhere between that point and being a ‘good’ book can take days and sometimes, depending on HOW bad it is, as long as a week to read. That’s value for your time. I say time because I can’t afford books, they’re too damn expensive, I get the library to buy them (the librarians love me and never deny me a request!) and I just spend the time and gas to go get them. A sack of really good bad books (err…) can cover my reading needs for nearly a month!

Good books on the other hand are like Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, you open ’em, blink, and they’re GONE! Good books keep me awake longer than is good for me. I find myself three inches from the page squinting and reading with one eye closed because I’m so tired if I try to read with both eyes the words just swim all over the page. I find myself reading the same paragraph and page over and over and not understanding a thing even on the fifth try. I wake up with my face planted in a book my glasses all askew and a crick in my neck. Good books can make you make more than one trip per week to the library!

Good books are bad for you!

Hawk (reading a good book…damn)


  1. Chilly

    Whatcha readin’? I just finished Snow Falling on Cedars and now I’m reading The Andromeda Strain. Also reading the unabridged version of Huckleberry Finn.

    PostSecret had one a few weeks back that totally cracked me up – the person said that when they finished a good book they would eat the last page. Yuk but LOL

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I was reading the latest Odd Thomas book ‘Odd Hours’ by Dean Koontz. Turns out it wasn’t as good a book as I thought. Now I’m reading his ‘Darkest Evening of the Year’ which is most definitely not a good book.

  3. Chilly

    Koontz, King, Cook, Saul, Higgins Clark… all pretty formula these days. That’s why I’m drifting toward the “classics.”


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