I don’t like my neighbors…

I really don’t… Of the three or four families that have lived in the only house we’re next to, these people… Man, they’re annoying. Especially since my bedroom is 5 feet from their ever busy driveway. Started out with a older couple, probably in their 50’s or late 40’s. They had a teenage son two large diesel pickups and a loud (LOUD) motorcycle. The teenage son had/has loud teenage punk friends with loud cars and loud car stereos. NONE of them talk they all yell, all the damn time they’ve even played basketball at 2 in the morning! They’ve got three weiner dogs, dachshunds, that aren’t trained or ever kept on leashes. They charge, barking their ear splitting little YAPS at anything that they see on ‘their’ street. They’ve menaced my mother when she’s gone out to get the mail or the paper. They’ll go after any dog, person, cat, bird or bit of fluff that wanders by. They’re out at all hours, the other day the little barky monsters woke me at 5:30 in the damn morning! About a year ago one of the couple’s daughters died and they took in the daughter’s kids. Ok, I feel for their loss, I really do but then their other daughter and her tribe moved in to help take care of the other kids. I swear there must be 12 – 15 people living in that house and it’s not all that large, maybe 1,700 – 2,000 square feet tops. Car doors slam at all hours. Someone works for the local power company and comes home for a nap or snack (or a quickie) at odd hours in the middle of the night.

I really don’t like my neighbors… I miss the empty lot we had next door for nearly 10 years.

Hawk (ready to call animal control)

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