Min. 5 Per Store…

I’m not going to do it! I don’t care how good the damn price is. I don’t care if it’s half the price it’ll be in two days. I’m NOT racing off to the store at FIVE O’Clock in the morning in the hopes I beat some other loser to the limited items on the shelves. Just looking at the Best Buy flyer for tomorrow’s insane shopping day and every one of the hundreds of items listed has the disclaimer: “Min. [X] Per Store. NO Rainchecks!”

Maybe if I had kids…

Hawk (feeling humbugish)


  1. John

    ’round here 5 would make you a latecomer… Kohl’s is advertising 4am. That had better be some very impressive underpriced crap.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I’m sure the deals are legendary but I’m not about to risk life and limb just to shop. My limited X-mas shopping this year will be done sitting at the PC (probably naked).

  3. John
  4. Hawk (Post author)

    Circle the wagons, women and children first!

    I SO hate the ‘holiday’ season.


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