T.P.O.T.B. Part Deux

Recently a national chain drug store had a pretty nice deal on Coke 12-packs, 4/$11 and get one free. Now, I got through Diet Coke in large quantities and paying the super market average of $4.60 for a 12-pack is insane. This being Florida I’ve found that if a store’s got a 24-hour branch I’d much rather shop when it’s dark and cooler than when it’s sweltering hell outside. That being said, around 3 AM I drove across town to their (to remain nameless) store only to find NO coke products on the shelves. Less than 24 hours after the sale starts and there aren’t five of ANY to even mix and match. So when I got home from wasting my time and gas I wrote their corporate HQ an email about their inability to maintain stock for less than 24 hours of the sale. This wasn’t the first time I’d wasted my time driving there.

Two days later the phone rings, it’s the district manager apologizing profusely for not having the soda in stock and offering to PAY FOR and DELIVER the soda to my doorstep! I was nice and told her it wasn’t necessary I just wanted it brought to someone’s attention that they continually fail to stock enough product when they have these sales. She then asked me to confirm my mailing address and said she was going to put a gift card in the mail for my trouble. Two days after that I got a $20 gift card in the mail! Just for bitching…

The power of the bitch, people, it works  🙂


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