Yeah, that feels like Christmas…

Here’s the official NOAA weather forecast for Christmas in my neighborhood:

Christmas Day: Mostly sunny, with a high near 79. Southeast wind around 5 mph.

Hawk (Humbug!)

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  1. Ann

    I think I’d take that over ours… 1″ of ice last week, 10″ of snow yesterday, another 6-10″ coming on Sunday and then “snow possibly mixed precipitation” on Wednesday night into Thursday.

    “Wednesday Night: Rain or freezing rain likely. Cloudy, with a low around 28. Chance of precipitation is 60%.

    Christmas Day: A chance of rain and snow showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 43. Chance of precipitation is 30%.”

    at least the 43 degree temperature will melt all that snow we have around.. just in time to freeze it again at night!


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