I love propaganda!

I just watched a Civil Defense film from the 1950’s that proved, unequivocally, that by cleaning up your yard, painting your house regularly and not being messy in your interior design that you can have the one house on your block that doesn’t burn to the ground during a nuclear attack! Yes, that’s right! You’ll be dying of radiation sickness AND blind AND all your neighbors will have burned to death because they had leaves and debris in their yard and their houses needed a coat of paint. But you! Your house will suffer only some marginal damage… roof blown off, windows shattered, charred paint, oh and deadly radiation levels, but it’ll still be standing so the mutants that roam the planet after the world we know ends will have a safe and snug place to hole up.
The mutant you save may be related to you!

I just had to see if I could find the film and YouTube didn’t fail. Here, for your viewing pleasure and amusement is – “The House In The Middle”:

Hawk (lives in that house on the right, oh well…)

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